OCD of Sexual Orientation(Part-2)

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Being Gay vs Having HOCD

There is a difference between being gay and having HOCD. You may find the sign that you are gay. But just after that thought, a thought comes to your mind that you are not gay, you are straight. And after that, you start thinking that why did you have that thought? Are you really gay? How do you ensure you are not? That might be OCD.

You find yourself being attracted to a person of the same sex. It is fine until this thought is not creating anxiety in your mind. If you are finding yourself happy thinking that, then there are fewer chances for it to be OCD, but if you think that you should not be thinking that, then it might lead to having OCD.

Common Fears in patients:

Individuals Suffering from this type of OCD constantly worry about an uncertain, sudden change in their sexual orientation. They might fear that they are going to be homosexual like gay but they know that they are straight. 

Patients of HOCD think that they have the behavior of the opposite sex and they fear that the public will find it and the world will consider them as homosexual. For example, one can think that his hips are wider than his body and he might be homosexual. OR when sitting with friends, he may think that he is extra close to someone and he may be considered as homosexual.

Patients of HOCD, have another common fear. When they are single and they are not finding someone, they think that they are not attracted to the opposite sex and that might mean that they are homosexual. Like, a common boy, who doesn’t find someone such beautiful that he be in a relationship, might think that he is homosexual.

Pornography has a bigger impact and reason for this OCD. A good amount of fear rises from pornography. One might feel after watching it, that he felt more pleasure by the work of the man. And after that, he may worry that he is homosexual. One person may think that he is not feeling that much pleasure while watching porn and that can be a sign of homosexuality. For the compulsion, the person starts avoiding to watch porn. OR it might go the other way like a person watches homosexual pornography and he thinks that he is enjoying it. After that, the obsessional thought comes to his mind that why is he enjoying that, is he attracted to the same sex? IS he homosexual?

A great fear of this OCD is related to sexual intercourse. Adult, having this OCD, stars avoiding sexual intercourse because they have a fear if they fail to please their partner, she might think that he is gay. They start avoiding their friends too because of the fear that their partner might take them as homosexual.

When these people encounter the word homosexuality anywhere, like in discussion, they start worrying that they are sending signs of being homosexual. Sometimes, this thought takes over them and they can’t sleep in the night thinking that – “Why were they asking me such questions? Did they find me, homosexual?”

HOCD in Identified Homosexual Person

Homosexual persons also may be infected from this OCD. In this case, people have obsessive thoughts that they are not homosexual. This case is a little different. In this case, the patient has obsessional thoughts that he is attracted to the person of the opposite gender, and deep inside, he knows that he is homosexual. 

In this case, a person thinks that he/she is not enough attracted to the person of the same gender to be identified as homosexual. The similarity is that in both cases, the person has doubts about sexualities. 

Like, the obsession, the fears are also just opposite to the common person. Where a common person fears that he might be sending the signals of being homosexual, a homosexual person fears about sending the signals of not being homosexual. 

The symptoms of homosexual people to have HOCD is like, they think that they have hidden sexual desires on which they are not just acted. It is like they think they want to do sexual intercourse but they are just afraid of failing it. 

After watching straight pornography, individuals might think that they are enjoying that. It might be a sign that they are not homosexual.

Treatment of HOCD:

It is done by a technique called Exposure Response Prevention Therapy or ERP. In this therapy, the patients are said to do the things that cause OCD or obsession. Then their mind will automatically tell them to do the Compulsion, but they have to control overdoing this. They have to conquer their mind by being stressed by these thoughts. That takes a couple of months to recover.

The other theory is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT in which the patients are taught to identify the causes of negative thinking and replace them with positive habits by their assertive behavior.

Meditation is also a powerful technique to recover; in this, we are merely teaching our mind what to think and what not to think. In this, we are controlling our minds to think about the things that cause OCD.

Hypnotherapy: It is the best option to win the battle with OCD in the present scenario. In this option, you are provided online counseling by our experts. If you want to have an online session with our experts, you can contact us.

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