Sexual Obsessions

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From the last year, Guman has just one thought when he sees any girl, that is of having sex with her. But he thinks that he should not think like that because he is a good boy. When he is with his friends, he often gets this type of thoughts but later, he regrets having these thoughts. He thinks that it is spoiling his friendships. Now he has stopped meeting his friends in the group because he can’t stop these thoughts from coming and he gets anxious after that. Does he have any mental disorder? Let’s find out.

What is OCD? 

OCD is an abbreviation for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this is a mental illness… It is a mental illness in which a good or evil thought or a reminder comes to our mind repetitively and creates stress, anxiety, and an excessive amount of moral emotions like, guilt, shame, fear, etc.

There are many examples of it like thinking repetitively if you have closed the door or not if you have changed your ATM pin, what if your dad picks up your girlfriend’s call. Deep inside, you know that this can’t happen, but you can’t stop yourself from being afraid or guilty of these things. It is called obsession.

Then you take action to console yourself, you check the door, you take your phone, you ask your wife about the gas. It is called Compulsion. It gives you small satisfaction but the moral emotion or anxiety returns after some time. Combining both terms, we get the name of the illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD.

What are Sexual Obsessions:

Sexual intrusive thoughts are sexually wrong thoughts about family, children, animals, or any inappropriate person. These thoughts involve sexual activities, that might counter your nature. They also involve violent sex or enforcing sex. These thoughts are unwanted meaning we don’t want them to have but we can’t control them. Sexual intrusive thoughts are not pleasant and they lead to shame and guilt and later, they lead to anxiety. These are different from fantasies that are controllable and created for fun. These thoughts are out of control and come automatically. 

Common fears:

Sexual intrusive thoughts bring a whole bunch of fear with them. The biggest fear among them is being sexually attracted to someone they shouldn’t be. They fear that they might be sexually attracted to their siblings, teachers, parents, or even animals. These thoughts are common in teenagers.

The most common fear in adults is of being violent during sex. Because they have intrusive thoughts of violent sex, they fear that it might come in their behavior, and they might behave violently during sex. One other fear is that they think they might have done this type of behavior and this is going to harm their relationship. 

The other common fear is to lose control and acting out sexually with friendship. As in Guman’s case, he thinks that he will act out sexually with his female friends and that’s why he stops meeting them with the fear of spoiling the friendship. 

These people think that they have very powerful sexual desires. They also have a fear that if their family or public finds that out, their image might be spoiled. These fears are common in teenagers. 

For example, a teenager thinks that he might commit rape because he has intrusive thoughts like this. 

Even he knows that he has no desire to commit rape but he thinks he might do that and this possibility is terrifying him.


People with this OCD have their own set of compulsions. 

Isolating is one of the most common compulsions. People start isolating themselves because they think they might behave extra sexually when they meet other people and talk to them. So people start avoiding themselves to go to any meeting or party. 

When a patient gets an intrusive thought about family, he starts counting the good moments of their relation to remind himself why she should not get these thoughts. He consoles himself that he has a good relationship with them and he should not spoil it.

When these people talk to other people, they don’t look at their faces with the fear of getting intrusive thoughts. They just look down or look at somewhere else. 

Treatment of OCD:

It is done by a technique called Exposure Response Prevention Therapy or ERP. In this therapy, the patients are said to do the things that cause OCD or obsession. Then their mind will automatically tell them to do the Compulsion, but they have to control overdoing this. They have to conquer their mind by being stressed by these thoughts. That takes a couple of months to recover.

The other theory is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT in which the patients are taught to identify the causes of negative thinking and replace them with positive habits by their assertive behavior.

Meditation is also a powerful technique to recover; in this, we are merely teaching our mind what to think and what not to think. In this, we are controlling our minds to think about the things that cause OCD.

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